Visual Merchandiser

Ashwin Khadgi
about 4 years agoMay 18, 2017
Products Drag & Drop feature in the admin is just Amazing! It has made easy for the Merchandisers to manage their products based on their need and keep their sale up!!

Just Awesome!
Nilesh Lokhande
about 4 years agoMay 19, 2017
Same as Magento 1 Magento 2 having excellent way to manage products to show as per requirement on listing page.Improvised some features of Visual Merchandiser in Magento 2
Saroj Ram
about 4 years agoJune 15, 2017
In Magento2 following feature is seems to be improved/more userfriendly than Magento 1.
Match products by rule
Automatic Sorting
Attribute Rule Action
+ Drag n Drop feature

But in Magento2 its heading title is seems to be confusing "Products in Category" and not more clear about its feature as compare to Magento1.
In magento1 it is more clear title "Visual Merchandiser" or "Smart Category: .." section.
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