Useful Tips 1: Magento Marketplace

Tarun Jain
over 1 year agoAugust 29, 2017
Hi Team, Thanks for the video. But I cannot sync my store with my credentials. It says "Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out". I have installed my magento using Softaclause app provided by my server hosting company. Please let me know how i can solve this issue.
over 1 year agoSeptember 15, 2017
about 1 year agoDecember 3, 2017
Hi all,
this video is old..
now, with M2.2.x, the steps to add your public and private key are changed.
Also the email received after a purchase has to change the steps listed to install the extension.
about 1 year agoDecember 22, 2017
Please how to get your public key and private key
about 1 year agoJanuary 13, 2018
1) ,login here

2) Then go to : ,right side click on your name then click "My Profile"

3) Then you see "Access Keys" link under "Marketplace" Tab.
8 months agoJune 12, 2018
Key is not generated in my account after clicking the install extension button
4 months agoOctober 29, 2018
i do not see web setup wizard in my admin panel
about 2 months agoDecember 24, 2018
Hi there. I need your help, what I should write when I was redirected to the page where I should write venders name and upload the image of him. What or who I should write in this field? And where I can find it?
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